Educational Assessment and EvaluationWe develop, validate and implement large-scale, customized English proficiency assessments for institutional customers in Latin America, and coordinate university-level research design and data analysis. We have deep experience in the development of customized evaluation instruments for public school systems which can measure English language proficiency, including longitudinal studies, and in applying these instruments massively to permit large-scale analysis of program effectiveness. Our team of bilingual university experts brings a wealth of experience to the design and analysis of English language learning programs in both public and private settings. We also offer one-time or longitudinal measurement studies of English proficiency among both teachers and students.

Our affiliated university specialists will provide a detailed and scientifically sound statistical and analytical analysis of the results of your study, and deliver actionable data and practical recommendations that will help you maximize the potential of your ELT program.

The results of our studies are publishable and represent the very best in modern professional and academic research design. Our customers have included several states in Mexico as well as NGOs and international development banks.

We also develop and publish a proprietary English diagnostic exam called DIME™ (Diagnostic Instrument for the Measurement of English) which is used to measure proficiency in English among teachers and students. Covering all four language domains – listening, speaking, reading and writing – DIME has been used for purposes as varied as to filter English language teacher candidates who lack other credentials in state recruiting efforts in Mexico, as well as a pre-test and post-test among ministry of education teachers and students in an intensive English course. The DIME™ test instrument may be customized to any target audience and each DIME™ is uniquely developed for each institutional customer, which may also receive the future right to that version of the DIME™ test. Double-blind scoring of the DIME™ instrument is often done in controlled circumstances by our experienced team at the University of Texas at San Antonio, in Texas.

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