Latin American Educational Services has over 30 years working in Latin America and in the USA, and our experience can help you optimize your program in the region. We are publishers, publisher’s representatives, and we distribute materials, either directly to schools and school districts, or through third-party resellers.

We have worked closely with federal and state departments of education in Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Spain, the Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico among others, as well as throughout the USA.

Latin American Educational Services is a Florida corporation with activities throughout Latin America. We help institutions maximize return on investment in education, and we develop human resources. We provide customized and integrated solutions for education, often including bespoke print or digital content, professional development for teachers as well as top-quality measurement and certification services.

Past partners and clients include the Inter-American Development Bank; the Council of Chief State School Officers; the Center for Applied Linguistics; Fernandez Educación, the Secretaria de Educación Pública in Mexico; the Organización de Estados Iberoamericanos; Rourke Educational Media, the Inter-American Partnership for Education (at Dartmouth), and others.

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