Latin American Educational Services is a Florida corporation with activities throughout Latin America. We are specialists in project management and market development in the education sector in Latin America, with emphasis on public-sector ministries. We help institutions maximize return on investment in education, and we develop human resources. We provide customized and integrated solutions for education, often including bespoke print or digital content and courseware, professional development for teachers as well as top-quality measurement and certification services.

We understand that education is the engine of social development. An educated population is an employable population, and our mission is to assist and facilitate the evolution of education in the emerging world, and help close the gap of social inequality.

Latin American Educational Services works closely with federal and state level Ministry of Education leaders in Mexico, Panama, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Honduras, El Salvador, Ecuador, Nicaragua, and most countries in Latin America. We love to work with US non-profits and for-profits working in the education space, and help them overseas. And we love to create integrated, contextualized solutions to real problems in Latin American public-sector and private-sector education, and share best practices to implement positive change in the region.

Our projects have included:

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